Putting 'Care' Back Into Healthcare

Our Investors and Partners

Our Investors and Partners: Primex Scans and Labs is backed by strong investors and partners who believe in our brand vision and commitment. A significant stake in the company is held by the Kalpathi Group since inception. Our largest franchisee is Primex Healthcare and Research Pvt. Ltd., in which Mr. Agnivesh Agarwal of the Vedanta group holds a majority stake.

Primex won the

"National Award for Healthcare Excellence"

from the Indian Economic Development & Research Association (IEDRA), New Delhi.

Certifications, Memberships, and Awards

Our Quality

We understand that quality, when it comes to healthcare, has two very distinct and equally important touchstones. The customer's experience and clinically quantifiable standards and controls, are both important to deliver the quality standard that our doctors and patients have come to expect. We focus on four contributors when it comes to building and maintaining quality:

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