Our Clients

Our vision of delivering premium quality healthcare services across India is clubbed with a commitment to professionalism, dependability, and accessibility, whether we are working with the doctor or the patient.


We believe that the patient deserves to have a smooth and comfortable experience:

  • End-to-End Diagnostic Services covering Scan and Lab Services
  • Online Reporting System for customers to view and download their reports
  • Home Collection Service
  • Pick up and Drop Services for Patients
  • Neighbourhood Multispecialty Clinics
  • Electronic Health Records System to safely store and organize customer medical history
  • Patient Appointments System to make appointments with the preferred doctor quickly and efficiently
  • Health and Lifestyle Magazine for access to the latest and most interesting content on leading a healthy and disease-free lifestyle


While medical practitioners are the backbone of the healthcare industry, they require uninterrupted and dependable support to render the highest quality of patient care possible:

  • Diagnostic Services covering Radiology, Pathology, Cardiology and other specialized areas
  • A Team of Reporting Doctors available for clinicians to directly refer to on patient investigations and tests
  • Fully serviced Outpatient Consulting Clinics for doctors to expand their practice
  • Electronic Medical Records, covering investigation results, clinical notes, and prescriptions, for doctors to view their patient records
  • Patient Appointments for doctors to handle their patients efficiently


Diagnostic Services Outsource through specialized delivery mechanisms, either onsite or remote

  • Multispecialty Outpatient Consulting within the hospital premises
  • Electronic Health Records to create a paperless hospital
  • Tele-Reporting Services, including Teleradiology, to hospitals that have already invested into a Diagnostics setup
  • Patient Appointments System for efficient out-patient management

Corporate Clients

  • Customized Diagnostic Solutions delivered by a hands-on Corporate Execution Team, in-line with the Industry's statutory requirements, and the Company's HR needs, using onsite or remote models
  • Occupational Health Center to cater to employees while on the job
  • Seminars and Workshops, on leading a healthy lifestyle, to build productive teams
  • Electronic Health Records to help it manage their employee 's medical files

All corporate business is handled by WellCorp Health Services Pvt. Ltd.


  • Special packages and on-site services for Charitable Organizations
  • Workshops and Seminars on child safety and health designed for Schools and Educational Institutions

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